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Hello, My name is Beth. I am 42 years old.
I love spending time in psp creating and writing tutorials and kits among other things.I have met some wonderful friends in the scrapping and tutorial world that have taught me things along the way..Thanks Ladies..


You may download anything you see on this blog unless otherwise stated.Please remember not to share my scraps with anyone.If anyone wants to download plz point them here to my blog.I enjoy creating scraps for you but will not tolerate any sharing this means uploading to any sites or sharing thru groups.You may use my scraps for your tutorials.
If you used in Kits plz email me for permission first along with a link to your site.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

GarvsGirl Banner

Hey Everyone I have 2 more Banners for you above.
If you would like one of these gorgeaus banners plz email me.
The top banner was made with FantasyMomentScraps Beautiful BT_Muttertag Kit.
The Bottom Banner was made with AddictivePleasures Rockin GarvsGirl Kit.
You can get these kits from their blogs..
Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey Everyone I'm back with another goodie to play with..
I hope you will like this template.
Please if you download leave me a comment here on the blog in my chatbox..
I love getting them..
Download Here

Layouts,Blinkies & Icons

Good Afternoon Everyone!! I am now creating layouts for 2.0 myspace and blogs for free if anyone is interested.I have a sample below of just one of the layouts.I am also making blinkies and icons.
If you would like your own layout,blinkies and icons then email me at brokenangelscraps@gmail.com
They will come in sets but please do not rush the order I will try my best to fulfil the requests in the same day but sometimes life gets in the way...I do not have a blinkie or icon for this particular layout but if you look on the blog here to the left and right you will notice the icon and blinkies i made for my blog layout..
I will be posting examples later of blinkies and icons

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Hey Everyone
 I have some masks for you to play around with
and I would love to see what you come up with using my masks.
There are 5 masks in a set.
Download Here

CU Bows

Hey Look Everyone
 I have some CU Bows for you to use in your kits,tuts or whatever.
There are 5 colored and 1 greyscale bow for you.
Remeber to leave love if you download and do not share...
Download Here

My Heart Template

Hello Everyone!! Hope you are having a great week..
I thought I would share this with you.
It's called My Heart Template and it is psp 7 compatible.
It is also in psp format.
If you download plz leave me some love.
I will have more templates and cu items as the days go by so just keep checking bk.
Please be sure to read my T.O.U and follow them..
Download Here



This blog was customized by Samantha @ Sweet Indulgence Header image made by Beth ARTWORK OF KeithGarveyScrap Kit Pieces used is from FoxysDesignz Star With Glam PTU Kit Background made by Sam at SweetIndulgenceScrapzScrap Kit Pieces used is from AddictivePleasures GarvsGirls

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